Emily DeLay is a widely popular dance fitness instructor in Minneapolis, where she’s led dance fitness classes since 2016. Emily believes that balance in one’s life is key to finding happiness. Her dance fitness classes (Live and On-demand) are joy filled, high energy workouts that will help you get fit, relieve stress, and inspire joy and balance in your life through movement and music. 

Emily founded Alljoy.club to bring joy to all (dancers and non-dancers) through movement, music, positive energy, and community in a non-intimidating setting.

Emily literally grew up in a dance studio, devoting her life to classical ballet at a young age and achieving her dreams of becoming a professional ballerina. As an adult, Emily embarked on a new path and a professional business career. After earning a business degree at the University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Management and achieving success in the corporate world, Emily returned to dance as an instructor at Lifetime Fitness and now Alljoy.club. 

Emily lives her mantra of balance every day by choosing joy (#choosejoy). Join Alljoy.club today to learn the secrets to finding joy in your life and staying fit without sacrificing the things you enjoy!